CarePort Perfect for:

  • Early discharge from hospital
  • Bathroom renovations
  • Clients living with M.S. & M.N.D.
  • Upstairs bathroom alternative
  • Note: Waste sent to sewer via pump not stored

Available in a variety of lengths and finished including highly polished stainless steel, matt black, gold, rose gold and white. Available in 25 mm or 30 mm diameter.


Can be supplied in various hose lengths and can be mounted to a wall or a timber post.


Shackle type and bolt to wall type. Can fit up to 4 keys.


Includes acid etching of floor tiles and other hard surfaces, non-slip painting of concrete and timber surfaces. Also to shower bases and baths of all types.


35 mm diameter

Comes in  SBR1 Natural galvanised finish(grey), white, Almond ivory, green, black and assorted powder coat colours.


32 mm diameter.

Standard in satin stainless steel.

Custom powder coated where required.


Special newel post grab rail.

Designed to assist in navigating staircases.



Used at the base of the wheelchair ramps we build.

Non-Slip surface.

19 mm high x 150 mm deep a 1300 mm long.


Kit form made for usual shaped baths, hip baths.

A door can be fitted and removed and the bath can be used as a conventional bath once again.


Kit form baths, and hip baths. 


An anti-scald device.

To enable the water temperature to be set exactly to the right temperature. 

Generally hidden in the vanity or behind an access panel and ideally installed during renovations.


The remove raised sections of concrete that pose a trip risk.


Generally installed on the gas or electric mains pressure storage hot water service to temper water to home to a maximum of 50 degrees Celcius. 


Holds the security door open while moving in and out of the home. Most installations will require the large bracket also. 


Retrofittable thermostatic mixing valve for showers.

Default 38 degrees Celcius.

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