The Haleberry Group is Victoria's No.1 specialist in falls prevention for domestic buildings.

Simply, we enable independent living for those with mobility challenges, by making buildings safer, and making access to them easier.

Personal Independence Providers has unlimited builders registration. We service all of Greater Melbourne and suburbs. Haleberry Disability Hardware is the wholesale arm of The Haleberry Group. 

Supplying an innovative, cost effective modular grab rail system to users of the product such as builders, hospitals and community health services.


Stay up to date with us

In light of the community concerns with COVID19 our staff visiting your clients will be:

  1. COVID 19 Symptom free
  2. As a safeguard and a measure of good practice our carpenters/installers will:
    1. thoroughly wash their hands with running water and soap and dry with paper hand towel prior to entering the home with water vessels kept in the work van)
    2. wipe down the installed fixtures with 60% alcohol/ethanol solution
    3. Wear a face mask for staff and clients’ mutual protection